What is In Film Branding/Advertising

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In film advertising is a medium through which branded products are placed in movies, which is visible to consumers without any distraction.
Leveraging on the entertainment value, emotional quotient of the film and its psychological impact on viewers has led the advertisers to utilize this medium
In film advertising is also known as “covert advertising”
The phenomenon is gaining momentum due to its clutter free feature and advantages of celebrity endorsement for the product or brand in a movie.

Products and services are perceived as having higher value.
There‟s a celebrity halo effect.
The best way to get brands noticed at a cheaper price.
Films transcend geography, class & culture barriers.
Cross promotion.
The viewer cant ignore the product without missing the Plot.


We provide an innovative stage for brands to reach their potential consumers. We help a brand to be present in the content itself and therefore become indivisible from the story. Such combination of the brand within the script of a film assists in conveying the brand message in an entertaining and appealing way.

Movies have a big impact on our psychology. Everything we see in a film gets recorded in our memory is responsible for the thoughts we get after watching any movie. Brands use this to market their products and services. It helps them to reach out to their target audience in an interactive way.

There are many examples that prove that using in-films branding is a win-win situation for companies.

Popular Bollywood celebrities charge a lot of endorsing brands and the tie-ups with films starring them is a cheaper and more effective way to market any product.


Screen advertising offers an ideal scenario for advertisers to showcase their brand message to a captive and highly receptive audience and has proven to yield a high brand recollection among those individuals exposed.
Cinema Screen | Plasma Screen
All cinema screens are equipped to screen both 35mm prints and / or slides.
Durations may vary from 30 – 90 seconds for films and 3 – 5 seconds per slide.

Online Advertising:
Online advertising is an ideal method of promoting your brand message to a wide audience at a reduced cost. Rapidly becoming a favorite among advertisers, cinema websites generate high user traffic which in most cases is repetitive, which helps build positive brand associations. Two examples of websites available for advertising include:

Ticket Advertising:
Ticket stub advertising has been a favourite among advertisers since its inception. Offering advertisers the ability to place their brand at the fingertips of the audience they are trying to reach.
Ticket Stubs

Concession products:
Another favourite with cinema advertisers; advertising on Concession products offers brands the perfect opportunity to place their brands in the hands of individual consumers whilst offering a mobile, high visibility medium throughout the venue.
Pop Corn | Nacho Trays

Cinematic venues offer advertisers a multitude of low-cost ways to promote their brand to a highly receptive and message-ready audience. Venue branding opportunities are limited only by the imagination, though some of the tried and tested favorites are outlined below.

  • Plasma Screens

  • Staff uniforms

  • Roll-up banners

  • Banners

  • Cut outs

  • Light Boxes

  • Stairs

  • Door Posters

  • Door stickers

  • Cashier stickers

  • Promotions kiosks

  • Laser Projection